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Creative Digital Agency

Allow us to manage your online needs.

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Social Media Marketing

What social networks are your customers using now? We research and build your social media marketing strategy, and create targeted campaigns to engage your audience.

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Video Creation

Videos are becoming the number one tool online. In the past year alone, Facebook has averaged more than one billion videos views each day. We can help create, develop, and mange your online videos.

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Content Creation

Every business owner has asked, ” What type of content should I create?” or “What type of content is going to appeal  to my customers?” Blogs, articles, images, videos, social media post – it’s all content. We help you develop and create the content that will appeal to your audience.

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By definition, brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. We work with you as a team to create your plan, implement strategies and clear objectives to ensure your success.

What is Social Media?

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Video Creation
Web Design
Marketing Campaigns
Other Services
  • Graphic Design

  • Blogging

  • Reputation Management

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  • Getting to know the owner

    Brittany Centers

    Centers Social was founded by Brittany Centers an Eastern Kentucky native who attended the University of Louisville and received a bachelor degree in Business Administration. Brittany and her team at Centers Social work diligently to bring their knowledge and expertise to their clients.

  • Background

    At Centers Social we believe that every business has a story and that story deserves to be told. Centers Social has the specific strategies that will help your brand meet your high expectations. Currently, she has grown the company into multiple cities throughout Kentucky.

  • Goals

    Centers Social is expanding into the tristate area and are always looking for great clients with outstanding brands to work with. We are excited to work with you to expand your brand and your revenue by keeping you connected to your customers.


We are a digital creative agency that is interested in helping your brand!