Adjusting the Message

Adjusting the Message

We humans are a fickle lot.  What had us on our soapboxes yesterday hardly even raise our eyebrow today.  We change our causes, interests, and spending habits as often as we change our socks.  So, the question becomes “how do I keep my product or business “trending” in an ever-changing world?”

To keep today’s “hot” product hot tomorrow requires constant monitoring.  Watching what’s new in the news and social media, listening to what’s being said by Joe Average on the street, and seeing how today’s events affect tomorrow’s world all play a part in this complicated and daily process.

Social Media experts take their client’s product and constantly massage it, reforming it—so to speak—in the eyes of society.  This takes evaluation, creativity, and knowing just the right moment to take action.  By using keywords or phrases, or familiar graphics, addressing ever so subtly issues on the minds of today’s people, your word or product or company stays current.  It’s a complicated dance.  It’s a well-thought out chess move.  It’s a careful balancing act.  It’s just what we do.

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