Is it a Hashtag or Pound Sign to You??

Is it a Hashtag or Pound Sign to You??

Is # just the key on the keyboard for “number” or, even more historic, is it just the “pound sign”?  Do you Tweet?   No, I do not belong to the local birdwatcher’s club.  I mean do you use Twitter?

If you are familiar with Twitter, you are familiar with the term HASHTAG (#).  What you have to say is important but how you identify it with your hashtag is even more important.  Once you hashtag a word with Twitter, Instagram, and Google, all account users can see it.  

The word or words following this little # may allow users who are not currently following you to see your tweets and contents.  If you use #Partytime, you will instantly connect with any and every one who has used the same word or phrase.  You may be literally one hashtag away from possibly being seen by thousands.  Mind blowing isn’t it?  It just illustrates the importance of using the right word at the right time in the right place after your #.

How do you know which words to hashtag?  The average person has only 3 options: 1)coin toss, 2) luck, or 3) advice from a professional.  Professional social media experts know the words that are trending at any given moment in time.  They study it.  They research it.  They eat it for breakfast!

So, if you want your tweets to connect with the most people, let a professional handle it for you.  No sweat, no worries, no chance.  Marketing on Twitter can be profitable.  You’re only one # away.  TWEET . . . uh, I mean Sweet!!!