“. . . to boldly go where no man has gone before” and so began the exploits of the starship Enterprise, launching generations of Trekies.

Consider your company the starship Enterprise and you’re wanting to draw as many generations of Trekies to you as possible.  Ok, so going “. . . where no man has gone before” might be a bit of a stretch, it isn’t really that much so.

With business moving more into social media to get their names out into the galaxy, the majority still use only Facebook.  Only a surprising 2% use Snapchat.   While Snapchat is the fastest-growing social media network with over 100 million active users,  not many businesses are taking advantage of jumping on board.  With only 2% of businesses using Snapchat, the lack of competition allows your product, your company, your mission to stand out and shine.

It doesn’t matter when you post on Snapchat and your snaps will never be buried in a busy timeline.  They stay open until your followers have time to view them.  After opening,  these snaps are only available 1-10 seconds.  This is often seen as a downfall to the use of Snapchat but it is actually one of its greatest upsides.  Because of its limited availability, you have the user’s undivided attention.  The fact that it then disappears is actually a boon for marketers.

Snapchat is social media’s uncharted territory.  Talk to the folks at Centers Social about how your business can benefit from the use of this fast growing media tool.  With creative marketing and Snapchat as your media tool of choice, your company can “ . . . live long and prosper”.