What is the Key to Good Business?

What is the Key to Good Business?

What is the key to good business?  First of all, it’s name recognition.  Your best form of advertising is being a business whose clientele are their best walking billboards.  That is a tried-and-true rule of thumb that has withstood the test of time.

What is the next best way to get your name recognized?  Putting it out there where people – LOTS AND LOTS of people– can see it every day.  And one place most everyone is these days is Facebook.  Facebook has replaced the telephone for the primary means of connecting with friends.  So, what better way to get recognized than on Facebook.   Might  we remind you that the more of your current clientele who see your ads, “like” and “share” them, is the modern day equivalent of “word of mouth”.  So consider “word of Facebook” for a quick way to get your company’s name out in front of “everyday” people each and every day.

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