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“. . . to boldly go where no man has gone before” and so began the exploits of the starship Enterprise, launching generations of Trekies. Consider your company the starship Enterprise and you’re wanting to draw as many generations of Trekies to you as possible.  Ok,...

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Adjusting the Message

We humans are a fickle lot.  What had us on our soapboxes yesterday hardly even raise our eyebrow today.  We change our causes, interests, and spending habits as often as we change our socks.  So, the question becomes “how do I keep my product or...

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Importance of Your Website

Our first few blogs have been addressing the importance of social media tools such as Facebook, videos, and Snap Chat.  By now, you’re beginning to feel like a social media professional.  You’ve learned ways to get your name, company, non-profit, or product out there.  People...

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Word of Mouth

What is the key to good business?  First of all, it’s name recognition.  Your best form of advertising is being a business whose clientele are their best walking billboards.  That is a tried-and-true rule of thumb that has withstood the test of time. What is the...

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